Lesson 5: Uploading map

Approx. reading time: 10-15 minutes

ATLAS can build maps from raw images. But for now, we will consider that you already have a Geotiff map generated in other software (like Pix4D, Metashape or some other).

In this lesson, we will see how to upload existing files to ATLAS.

Follow the steps:

  1. Download map sample from https://files.ugcs.com/s/eCeST9yrH4ztoC3
  2. Create a new dataset next to a dataset created in Lesson 1. Open dataset, and on the left vertical bar click “Map”
  3. Click browse in ATLAS for file selection or drop file to the browser (only one file)
  4. File (without preview) will be added to the screen. Then press “Upload”. Do not close your browser or do not leave the page, because that will interrupt uploading
  5. Uploading process consists of 2 stages:
    a. Uploading to the server (requires staying on the upload page)
    b. Initial image processing for fast web presentation
  6. After the upload completes you will receive email notification
  7. Congratulations! If map uploaded successfully screen will look like on the picture below
Finished MapFinished Map

Finished Map

In the left bottom corner of the screen dataset statistics can be found:

  • area size (Ha)
  • GSD - ground sampling distance in meters
  • used space in Gb
  • size in Megapixels (MP)

Size in Megapixels is literally a map width x map height in pixels.