Lesson 4: Uploading images

Approx. reading time: 10-15 minutes

Now we are ready to make something really useful and upload survey data to a dataset.

Follow the steps:

  1. Download sample dataset with road footage
  2. Extract archive with images
  3. In Atlas navigate to a dataset created in Lesson 1 and click on a dataset card. You will see an empty dataset. Ensure that on the left vertical bar “Images” item is selected. ATLAS can accept JPG, JPEG and PNG files for the upload
Upload WindowUpload Window

Upload Window

  1. Click browse in Atlas or drop files to the browser
  2. You’ll see images as previews


  1. Then click “Upload” in the bottom left corner of the screen. Do not close your browser or do not leave the page, because that will interrupt uploading.
  2. Uploading process consists of 2 stages:
    a. Uploading to the server (requires staying on the upload page)
    b. Initial server-side image processing for fast web presentation
  3. After the upload completes you will receive an email notification
  4. Congratulations! If images uploaded successfully screen will look like on the picture below


Some useful tips:

  • If images have GPS coordinates in EXIF metadata, the position of an image will be visible on the map
  • In the left bottom corner of the screen dataset statistics can be found: total number of images used space in Gb and size in Megapixels (MP)
  • For fast scrolling of an image list (left and right) use arrows on the keyboard or SHIFT+Mouse wheel
  • Size in Megapixels is literally a sum of all image areas (Width x Height) in pixels.