Lesson 3: Advanced data access management (Groups and Public links)

Approx. reading time: 3 minutes

Adding each individual new user to all necessary projects may be a quite boring task. To speed up this process one may use Groups. Follow the steps:

  1. In “Manage organization” -> “Users & Groups”go to “Groups” tab
  2. Press “Create group”, give a name to a group and then add users from your organization
Create GroupCreate Group

Create Group

  1. Press “Save”
  2. Then go to the project list, find a proper project, press “Share”, add a group to the access list with a proper role (see, the previous lesson). Repeat for as many projects as you need
  3. Now, when you add a new member to a team you may just add him/her to a proper group and a user will get access to projects automatically.

Another useful concept is a public link. When you need to share project data to someone without ATLAS account in read-only mode you may follow the steps:

  1. Press “Share” on the project card
  2. Click “Project is public”
Project ShareProject Share

Project Share

  1. Now you can copy link for public sharing
  2. Press “Save”

But be careful. You may unintentionally provide access to some sensitive data of your organization to a wide range of unauthorized persons.