Lesson 11: Filtering detection results on the map

Approx. reading time: 5 minutes

Nothing is perfect in this world. And AI also may generate too many data:

  • false positives
  • too small objects shich might be not interesting

Atlas offers simple filtering which might help you to detection results to the expected view without additional detector trainings.

For the Map filter is available in the top bar, to the right from the "Run" button.

There are 2 main filters in the dialog:

  • "Filter by confidence" - all results generated by AI have some probability. By moving slider to the right you can minimize amount not relevant data. Filter applies to all objects visible ob the map
  • "Fliter by area" - each detected object has size. To see one may hover an object on the map and display a tooltip. Filter allows to specify desired range of size for visible objects. Filter applies to all objects visible ob the map

Please also notice that filter affects also object statistics in the right bar, in annotations and working areas. All filtered data can be exported to GeoJSON