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Lesson 1: Structuring your data - projects and datasets

Approx. reading time: 5 minutes

All data can be structured in 2 levels:
⦁ Projects
⦁ Datasets

To add a new project or dataset:

  1. Log in to your ATLAS account at

  2. On the start screen press “New project” and name the project. Project names are unique within the organization. Operation is available for organization owners and processing managers (Do not worry. We will cover roles in ATLAS in next lessons). So, if you are not in one of these roles you might need to ask your organization owner to grant a proper role.

  3. Click on the created project card and then click “New dataset”. Name the dataset.

  1. Done!

Notice the so-called “bread crumbs” in the top bar, right to ATLAS logo. It always shows you where you are in the application.

Both project and dataset cards have a context menu, accessible through the “three dots” button in the top left corner of the card.

Context menu for both project and dataset has a “Delete” operation, and “Settings”.

“Settings” opens project or data set properties. In the case of a project, you can only rename a project. In case of a dataset, you can rename the dataset and also specify the survey date for later searches by time range (search by time range is not implemented, yet).

Updated 9 months ago

What's Next

Learn about managing your team

Lesson 2: Adding members to a team

Lesson 1: Structuring your data - projects and datasets

Approx. reading time: 5 minutes

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