• Slightly changed structure of Projects. In future a Project will consist of “Survey data” and “Vector data” sections.“Survey data” leads to datasets with raw images and maps. “Vector data” is for project-level technical drawings in DXF format. The roll-out of “Vector data” section will be done in several days.
  • The section [Your project]->Survey data->[Your dataset]->Images is updated. It enables to annotate data here and train the detectors on raw imagery
  • Added support for large maps. Now it’s possible to upload GeoTiffs larger than 5Gb to [Your project]->Survey data->[Your dataset]->Map
  • The upload in Images section of a Dataset is limited to JPG and PNG files only. This is because we noticed that some users try to upload large GeoTiff maps in this section
    Improved Zoom function in Images section of a Dataset.